POZ-045.jpgIn 2010, Olympic champion Greg Louganis told People that he wanted to be on Dancing With The Stars. According to People, he danced as a child and was teased about it. “It would be a blast,” Louganis told the magazine.

Somewhere along the way, a Facebook page -- “We want Greg Louganis on Dancing With the Stars” -- was created to encourage the popular celebrity-driven show on ABC to cast Louganis in the next season.

The supporters of the Facebook page got POZ to tweet in support. They even got Perez Hilton to lend his support.

Coming out twice -- as gay and as HIV positive -- is never simple, and it was exponentially more difficult for Louganis. Breaking the Surface, his autobiography, gives a heartwrenching account of the troubles he faced in the coming out process.

I admit that I’m not a regular viewer of DWTS, but I do know that the show appeals to many LGBT folks. And some LGBTs have actually appeared on the show (Chaz Bono, Carson Kressley, Margaret Cho, Lance Bass).

That said, to my knowledge, no openly HIV-positive celebrity has been on DWTS. Louganis would make a great addition to the cast on his own merits, but being a representative of the HIV/AIDS community would make his addition to DWTS that much more special.

So, how about it DWTS? This upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice will have three celebs fighting to earn prize money for HIV/AIDS groups. DWTS, you have an opportunity to one-up Celebrity Apprentice. Wouldn’t that be its own reward, DWTS?!

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