Two years ago after Dragon*Con there was a steady stream of internet messages about “Con Crud”. Basically, Con*Crud was series of colds that were passed around, merely because of the fact that over 15,000 people were in close quarters for three days.  This year was different- *Con Crud happened preemptively.

At least it did for Gwenn.

We were all set to leave town on Thursday afternoon, and around midnight on Wednesday we were up at our friend Andy’s (lead singer of Bella Morte, the band whom Gwenn manages and we were going to Dragon*Con to help out).  We put some extra boxes of merch in our car so the band would be able to fit all of their instruments in the van... which was leaving town at 7 am.

At around 8 am- an hour after the band left town- Gwenn woke up sick.  I won’t go into graphic detail, but I will say that the trip for her was in serious jeopardy.  She said she didn’t need to go to the hospital, but I wasn’t quite so sure.  She went back to sleep, and stayed in bed past our original departure time, which was totally fine.  The problem for me was two-fold- I wanted to help Gwenn feel better, but I also had a car being packed with Bella Morte paraphernalia, as well as a friend who was going to be riding to Atlanta with us.

It was one of those terrible situations.  What to do?

We decided to push our departure time back so that Gwenn could get some more rest and assess how she felt afterwards.  I knew that a few friends could stay with her if need be, and that I could drive to Atlanta, drop off the stuff, then drive back on Friday.  At the last moment, Gwenn decided to go- she felt a little bit better and hated my plan, which involved 16-hours of driving in a little over a day.

Few things in life suck worse than traveling when you are sick.  On the drive down, Gwenn slept for a few more hours.  Then after we dumped the merch off at the hotel where Bella Morte were stationed, we went back to our own hotel and she got a nice chunk of sleep; to my relief she woke up more refreshed and had an appetite again- albeit a small one.  Andy was happy to see some more natural color on her face after the long night’s rest, too, and admitted that she looked a little green after the 8-hour drive from Virginia. 

Of all the superhero costumes I saw over the weekend, none of them compared to the hero move Gwenn pulled in getting to Atlanta.  I’ll be posting pictures from the trip, in which many people are dressed up as their favorite fictional heroes from various sci-fi movies and comic books.  But I felt like, before doing so, I had to share a story about my favorite real-life super hero of all-time.

Positively Yours,

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