I can’t leave you with Tommy Morrison as a valentine from yesterday.  But I can share a very nice post that Gwenn wrote on Valentine’s Day, over on her A Latte Style tumblr page. I’m a lucky guy. - STD


February 14, 2011

"Shawn and I have never been big Valentine’s Day celebrators but this year we had some fun, very low key, things planned.  I saw a flyer last week at the coffee shop advertising heart shaped scones, delivered by a cherubic bike rider, for a donation to a cause I thought was good.  It sounded fun and I emailed them to set up my delivery to the coffee shop where we planned on having our valentine’s day drinks.  I had also planned on making fondue for dinner, which is something we like but don’t make often. 

This morning I woke up feeling pretty bad.  Sore throat, achy body, just blah.  I really wanted to go out for a bit so I showered (which helped with all symptoms), and felt ok enough to make it out to see my scones delivered.  When we got to the coffee shop we found out they had delivered the scones, with much fanfare, 3 hours earlier.  I was bummed.  The scones themselves were ok, but we really did this all for the delivery.  Oh well.  I went home and Shawn went to his Monday night pool league.  When he got home he brought me the best fruit plate ever that he had made for me.  I was sad that our original plans didn’t work out but so thankful that we celebrate each other every day.  I know a fruit plate might not sound romantic but it was the sweetest thing he could have done." - Gwenn

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