Yesterday I rejoined Gold’s Gym, which I christened “Cold’s Gym” (click to read my 2006 resignation letter to Gold’s) in a previous blog entry due to the fact that I’d surrendered my membership because I kept getting sick there.

Golds_Gym.jpgIt’s not that I’m attempting to get buff, I really just want to do something healthy for myself and increase my energy level, which has been quite low recently. Part of that is that I’ve been feeling somewhat out of sync lately. I noticed I was throwing the word “depressed” around a lot with friends.

Part of being in the dumps has to do with finishing my manuscript. For nine months, I had a purpose, and now that I’ve sent the book off to my agent I haven’t quite figured out what to do with myself. Also, now that Gwenn and I are managing our own speaking schedule, I am wondering if the 1,000 schools we mailed postcards out to are going to make room for sexual health programming at their campuses.

I’m not good with feelings of doubt- is the book any good? Will Gwenn and I succeed with our speaking this Fall?

Somehow, in making a dramatic return to Cold’s Gym, I’m stepping up and challenging myself. My motivation to use the membership to its fullest is simple: I can’t have a coffee drink (iced mochas are my crack) if I don’t go to the gym. And tonight I rode the exercise bike for an hour, zapping more calories than I’d ever zapped during previous gym visits.

Which proves those waning energy levels were really just in my head.

Positively Yours,