Thirty years ago at age 40 the world’s most celebrated musician, John Lennon, was murdered.  A social activist with a healthy sense of right and wrong was lost just before the AIDS crisis hit.  It’s safe to assume that, had fate allowed him at least one more decade, he would have been a major ally in this fight.

john-lennon-aids.jpgImagine... songs about AIDS that don’t suck.  John calling out President Reagan for his silence on the topic.  Advocating for clean needle exchange programs and safe sex.  I think, or I hope, that he would have been at the forefront of every struggle we as people with HIV have faced along the way... because I seriously doubt that- with how hard HIV hit the art community- he wouldn’t have seen the effects of this in his social circle.

So, in thinking about this today, I want to wish you a Happy Birthday, John, wherever you are, just in case you are on your laptop poking around the Poz Blogs. And, if you are in Heaven and there is a God, I’m confidant that he knew full well what you meant when you wrote that line in “Imagine”.

Positively Yours,

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