angela-hamilton.jpgA big ol’ birthday wish to Angela Hamilton.  She’s the brainchild of the AIDS Walk team that Gwenn and I walk for, Team Supersnack.  We met Angela in 2000, when she- like Gwenn- were involved in the Miss Virginia Organization as scholarship contestants. Though they are both beautiful in spirit and body, I wouldn’t dare to call either Angela or Gwenn “a pageant girl”.

We reconnected with Angela when she invited us to join her and a bunch of her friends from college in New York City for the annual AIDS Walk several years ago.  By organizing a group of people who care about the issue, Angela (with Team Supersnack) has helped raise over $100,000, all of which has gone to serve the needs of people living with HIV.  So, what do you get the girl who has done so much good for positoids? Well, you raise more money.  And that’s what I hope to do.

The AIDS Walk Washington is this Saturday.  Gwenn and I are well short of our fundraising goal: so any donation small or large is welcomed.  Plus, I have swag to give away (CDs, DVDs, books, P. Decker Fungi napkin drawings) for any donation over $25.  I don’t think I’m wearing the LemonAIDS costume again, but who knows?  Gwenn has tentative plans to go as “The Condom Fairy” if we reach our goal.  I could bring the lemon out of retirement, at the risk of being expected to be LemonAIDS every year.

So help us wish Angela a happy birthday by donating because, really, not much makes her happier than helping people with HIV and watching those Team Supersnack totals go up and up.  Plus you could, if you act now, get Get a Life the TV series on DVD, or a napkin drawing of Ric Flair.  Or that new Chicken Soup for the Soul book that I have a story in.

What’s better than helping people and getting cool shit?

get-a-life.jpgYou know you want to!

Positively Yours,

On a more personal note: Angela, we are very thankful to know you, call you a friend and are humbled by you dedication to the Team every year.  We love ya, and hope you had a great birthday! - Love, S&G


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