I seem to have ended the year with a thud- a wicked cough that arrived just before World AIDS Day and lasted two weeks, a serious bout with a previously unknown opponent in insomnia (a side effect of my HIV meds)... and now I look at the calendar to realize I haven’t updated my blog in a month and Christmas is less than one week away.

Fortunately I’ve made a recovery with just enough time to cobble together some gifts for my family.

I hope this message finds you and yours healthy. And, just in case your health isn’t something to brag about at the moment, I hope the holidays give you ample opportunities to enjoy this bizarre, incredible and sometimes baffling experience that is life as a human on the planet Earth. I for one enjoy the gaudy decorations, the blinking lights, the holiday sweater vests...

The pageantry can be a great distraction from the various woes that plague us.

Positively Yours,
sgxmasphoto2010.jpgHere’s a holiday song I wrote with my Goddaughter when she was 3 last year.  Enjoy!