Self love. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a series of dividing lines between those who are in a relationship, or those who want to be or those who couldn’t give two shits either way. Aside from floating Hallmark, Valentine’s Day should be a moment to embrace self love.  Depending on how frisky you feel at the moment, that phrase is open to individual interpretation.

I know a lot of folks in my viral boat struggle over the thought of finding someone that can accept HIV and the common misconceptions that make up the virus’s entourage.  It’s a lot to worry about, but ultimately the best we can do is be honest about who we are, pass along the facts and hope that people are willing to open their minds to that information.  Regardless of how someone reacts to you, ultimately your long-term health and happiness is dependent on your ability and willingness to love yourself.

So think about all you’ve accomplished- all you’ve been through- and give yourself the best gift you can on Valentine’s Day.  Be simple, be creative, but what really matters is... be your most beautiful self.

Positively Yours,