Last night I watched Chris Matthews, of Hardball fame, as he watched an array of 20-somethings parade around in swimsuits.... mere feet from where the political junkie was sitting.

It wasn’t a drunken, social misstep. Chris wasn’t joining the partying ranks of the Brit Pack or anything. He was merely performing his duties as a judge in the Miss America pageant here in Las Vegas, where Gwenn and I are enjoying our vacation.

We are psyched to be out here. Guru, of My Pet Virus fame, is out here, and just the other week he made this observation: “Shawn, you are truly are a renaissance man: you enjoy boxing, wrestling, pageants. You fully embrace everything that the culture of your time has time offer.”

Oh, we’re also going to see O, the Cirque du Solei show where they splash around in a huge pool. I’m not sure if the 51 girls in swimsuits and Chris Matthews in a speedo will be joining the cast. But that would be awesome if they did.

Positively Yours, Shawn