Sorry I haven’t blogged in a few days... The Fall semester at Rutgers has started and I’ve been busy getting totally lost on campus. I’m taking two classes this semester, which is just enough for my aging brain to handle. The old “ticker” doesn’t work like it used to! Sometimes, I feel as if I’m losing my mind.

But this week, I feel a lot better about the state of my mental health. I watched the Republican Convention and realized that there are many more people who have truly lost their FREEKIN’ marbles!. Those people are the ones who were cheering on John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney and the most insane of them all, the Vice Presidential nominee, Mrs. Sarah Palin; Mother of six, moose hunter, mayor of “Wasilla” Alaska, (town of 7.025, not including the moose), “maverick” and Evangelical Christian.

I’m going to get political here, so those of you who can’t stand the heat better get out of this blog’s preverbal kitchen. I’m fighting for my life (as I assume you are), so I hope everyone is paying close attention to what is unfolding before our eyes!

Whoever is elected President of the United States will set the AIDS agenda, healthcare policy and their funding for the next four years. (or longer!)

What I watched and what I’m witnessing is so disturbing to me as an American. And as a person with AIDS, it’s infuriating. I felt as if I was watching a dark comedy about “Fascism”, disguised as “Democracy” and cheered on by an “Evangelical” pep rally!

I’ve got no problem with Jesus. In fact “Jesus is just alright with me”!

Being born and raised a “Roman Catholic”, I know that one of the first things to look for and reject are “false prophets”. To tell the world that “Jesus Christ” has “ordained” them to lead is blasphemy! Anyone who tells you that they are doing the work of God, while they take from the poor, give to the rich, rape the earth of its resources and claim that it’s “God’s will” to go to war is dangerous. And anyone who claims that they are the only ones who can protect the United States is certainly delusional.

I’m offended that I’m being lied to by anyone who tells me that if I don’t “vote Republican” our country will be attacked. I’m offended that the Republican Convention was filled with propaganda depicting images of September 11th, the US Cole, Khobar Towers and the “big kahoona” Osama bin Laden. I feel as if I’m watching the Reichstag burn!

We have extremists in our OWN country. They use the bible as a shield and as a weapon.

Extremists, in ALL religions are dangerous. This is the extreme right of our political system. It is just what our founding fathers were so careful to address in our Constitution. And so careful to do their utmost to restrict their power. The separation of “Church and State”, the “limits of the Executive Branch” and the “checks and balances” of the three branches of government are falling to pieces before our very eyes. Where the hell are the protests?

They are there, but our “regular” media is not covering them. Just like they’re not televising the coffins of our soldiers landing at Andrews Air Force Base. But if you watch “Democracy Now”, “Frontline”, “European” news or search the “blogsphere”, you’ll see it. We’re being censured and most of us have no clue.

Sister “Margaret-Mary-Joseph” and all the others made sure to emphasize that Jesus had no interest in politics. Regarding taxes, Jesus “opted out” of the discussion. He said “Give to Cesear what is Cesear’s. And give to God what is God’s”. He didn’t say “cut taxes for the wealthy” and then screw the middle class and let the “poor” go it on their own. That’s what the Roman’s wanted to do, for God’s sake! Jesus Christ was against that!

This scares the “be-JESUS” out of me!

Was there any mention of the fact that our nation has fallen into "stagnation", if not an official “recession”? No, things were “rosy” in Michigan at the convention. Cindy McCain’s outfit was reported to have cost $300,000.00. (that includes the $280,000.00 diamond ring, of course) Laura Bush was a bit more “conservative”. Her “Oscar De Larenta” suit was said to have cost between $3,400.00 and $4,000.00 (jewelry and shoes not included).

Was there any mention that over 80 million people in the U.S. are living without healthcare? Was there any mention that the #1 reason that people claim bankruptcy is due to medical bills, even when they have insurance? Was there any mention that the U.S. lost 84 million jobs last month and unemployment rose to 6%, the highest jump since 2003? No, the economy is “thriving”! We’re a nation of “whiners”!

Was I dreaming or did I see signs and hear chants of “DRILL, BABY, DRILL!”

Am I in the middle of a really, really BAD dream? Did I actually see that on TV? Did the campaign actually spin Sarah Palin’s vitriol against her opponent into a “sexist attack” by the media? Even “Emily’s List” denounces her candidacy and fears that it will be setback for women’s rights! Is she REALLY on the cover of five magazines as the symbol of “feminism”?

Somebody get me a “Pepsid”, two aspirins and wake me up in the morning.