Hello all, yes it’s been a while.  I’m doing a crowd funding campaign for some very expensive dental work.  I lack dental insurance so I’m paying for the whole thing.  It’s not like I’m getting a nose job!  I have infections and chewing issues, etc.  I’m underweight already because of wasting syndrome.  

First those that aren’t familiar with my story, here’s a synopsis: I’ve been living with AIDS for almost twenty-four years. During that time I’ve lived through tuberculosis, pneumocystis pneumonia, depression and suicidal thoughts caused by medication, liver cirrhosis, a stroke, speech and cognitive therapy, and sometimes painful neuropathy plus osteoporosis. I’ve had great medical insurance which alleviated a lot of the financial stress and help me to recover.  It’s only the cirrhosis which caused my teeth to decay at such a rapid pace that I’m in this predicament.  All of my surgeries are performed by specialists rather than a general dentist so none of their services would be covered anyway. 

I’m looking to reach $25,000 for a over $50,000 worth of surgeries.  I’m handling the remaining funds myself.  (Yes, dental work is expensive.)   I’m inviting you to read my story, contribute or not, post comments or share similar dental dilemmas.  Thanks for your time.