2008 was a great year for movies; mainly because it marked the dramatic return to form of the only Living-With-AIDS Movie Review duo, “The Hemo2Homo Connection”, myself and Steve Schachlin. Recently I caught up with my wiser half to ask him a few questions about the year that was 2008.

Shawn (AKA “Hemo”): What was your favorite movie of 2008?

Steve (AKA “Homo”): Milk, followed by Slumdog Millionaire. You?

Shawn: Tropic Thunder!


Robert Downey Jr. got screwed at the Golden Globes, losing Best Supporting Actor to Heath Ledger.

Steve: He died- plus he was brilliant in The Dark Knight...

Shawn: Robert Downey Jr. was brilliant in Tropic Thunder! And he’s been legally dead at least seventeen times since 1989. So what was the biggest dud of 2008?

Steve: Did The Happening come out in 2008?

Shawn: Yes.

Steve: Then The Happening.

Shawn: Lastly, what was your proudest moment of the Hemo2Homo Connection in 2008?

Steve: That we are still doing it!


Ten years ago we posted our first review, I don’t even know what movie we butchered. We were rolling for a bit, then went on hiatus. When I was writing My Pet Virus, I thought it would be funny to put our review of the AIDS-mentioning movie, The Hours, in there, half expecting my editor or publisher to suggest that it be removed.

But no, it was well-received. And thus the fire in the belly of the H2H was re-ignited, never to be extinguished again. Really, writing those reviews with Steve is a lot of fun, and here’s to hoping Hollywood throws us some more softballs in 2009.

Positively Yours,



The Hemo2Homo Connection are Shawn Decker and Steve Schalchlin.

The Hemo2Homo Connection’s creators met online in 1996, and posted their first movie review in 1998. Both have been living with HIV for over twenty years, and have annoyed their friends and loved ones for longer than that.  Steve Schalchlin resides in Los Angeles, CA. He is an award-winning musician, singer and songwriter. Shawn Decker lives in Charlottesville, VA. He is an HIV/AIDS educator and the author of My Pet Virus.

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