Some of you may have noticed my thoughts on Black Swan weren’t the usual Hemo2Homo Connection.  It’s not because Steve and I have “broken up” as your favorite living-with-AIDS movie review duo, it’s because we’re too lazy to organize ourselves.

Instead, we’ve found it easier to trade barbs on Twitter.  It’s a war of words of 140 characters (or less!) that we have dubbed “The War for the AIDSges”.  I’m not sure how it started, or how it will end, but it’s been a lot of fun and will likely provide fuel for the eventual return of the Hemo2Homo Connection. Here’s a taste of how we’ve been antagonizing one another on Twitter. 

There was a popular trending topic about coming up with less intriguing movie titles than the original. Mine, “The Empire Strikes a Truce” was based on The Empire Strikes Back.  Steve tried to RT me but instead stole my joke by reposting it without giving me the proper credit.  Seeing that we were at “War”, I couldn’t let an internet mistake by an internet legend go unexploited...

@ Once you learn the difference between RTs and Replies on here, you will be a formidable opponent!

As AIDS learned a long time ago, I learned how quickly Steve Schachlin can strike back...

@ I conquered you in the blog world and film criticism. Now I must crush you in twitterland.

We’ve had some good exchanges, and I’m expecting more from my mentor in the coming months.  You can follow us both and keep up with the War For the AIDSges on Twitter, which will hopefully be resolved in time for the Hemo2Homo Summer Movie Review AIDSpectacular!

Positively Yours,

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