Is anyone else watching this show on WE? Gwenn and I have been- it’s a documentary about teens in Kansas, producers followed 12 girls for 4 years of high school.

I’m not sure if the show is getting a lot of buzz, but as sex educators even Gwenn and I were shocked that, thus far, there have been four unplanned pregnancies. How each family dealt with the news was totally unique.

Tonight, in terms of sexual decision-making, we finally saw a “happy ending”, no pun intended when Crystle waited until she was ready her senior year of high school- she was on birth control and her boyfriend used a condom. (Sorry pervs, this was only revealed in an interview by the subjects of the documentary.)

In fact, in telling her story, Crystle joked that she was worried that the candles she set up for mood were going to catch her hair on fire. With proper sex education that should be the only thing people are worried about catching during their first time.

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PS... check your local listings for airtime and channel... highly recommended viewing!


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