Just had the privilege of speaking to a class of high school English students.  It was more about being published and writing than having HIV, though I did go into a lot of the biographical background.  (Hey, I did write a memoir.)

I shared a funny story about the time when I was assigned to do a book report in junior high school.  The thought of reading an entire book was overwhelming, so my back-up plan was to find a random book, look at the chapter titles, and then write what I thought happened based on those titles.  So, I wrote out my fake story... and it was fun.  I actually felt invested in the characters, and got a good grade.  I vaguely remember my 8th grade English teacher telling me how interesting the book sounded- which likely sent me to the library to hide the actual book, which bore no resemblance to my story.

At the end of the class, I offered the chance of a free book to the students, none of whom are on MySpace anymore.  I knew the site was dead a while back, then the proof started coming in emails.  “Hey- see what your friends are doing on MySpace!”  It’s the same thing Friendster started to do when they began to spiral in their throes of death.

Anyway, I also offered a Synthetic Division CD giveaway.  Well, the teacher said, “Let them hear it!”  Thankfully, a couple of students were Tori Amos fans, so I had a couple of people on my side before the first note of our “Raspberry Swirl” cover hit...

It was kind of cool- sharing all the personal information about testing positive, dating, being diagnosed with AIDS right after falling in love... and I’m mortified when my music starts playing.  That’s what I’m most afraid of being rejected for!  After 30 seconds of two songs, I realized I needed my keyboard player, Marshall (who graciously made a grocery run for Gwenn and I at 2 am on Tuesday night) and the neon sign to feel comfortable.

All in all, a fun day.  I’m a lucky dude, and I’m glad that through speaking I can not only educate others, but constantly be reminded of all of the incredible things I have in my little positoid life.

Positively Yours,

PS... I am all better from the bug.  Gwenn is still tired, but getting better.  Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode is still ailing, the band has had to cancel numerous shows... tell me: how do I handle the viral infection the best of the three of us?

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