I’ll admit, I’m having a hard time keeping up as of late. International AIDS Conferences, the Olympics, the CAMPUSPORT drama and now the Democratic National Convention.

clintonspeech.jpgLast night, Hillary delivered her highly anticipated whopper of a speech while Michelle Obama looked tight-jawed and pensive. Was she upset, unable to control her real feelings for the Clintons? Or could it just be her Default Face?


I have a friend who constantly bemoans the fact that her own Default Face, the expression your face naturally takes, is one of Disgust and Disapproval. This pal can be listening to you talk, feeling great things and in harmony with the universe, but if she isn’t focused on how she appears feelings are usually hurt.

She has the advantage of having friends who understand, and is also lucky that her unfortunate Default Face isn’t being broadcast to billions of people around the world. Of course, if it wasn’t a Default Face situation for Michelle, then she needs to at least act happy to see a Clinton from here on out.

Now, I’m not suggesting that Michelle Obama go Simple Jack everytime one enters the room. But the primary drama means these moments of reconciliation- no matter how staged or forced- need to seem genuine. Giving anyone ammunition not to buy into these mind-felt sentiments seems like a bad idea...

But who knows? Maybe she’s just saving the good stuff for that charmer, Bill Clinton, who speaks tomorrow night.

I guess I’m just nervous. The country is deeply divided, but I couldn’t feel more comfortable supporting Obama, who has a real shot in November. In terms of the domestic HIV/AIDS epidemic, he’d be much better than McCain, who isn’t sure if condoms prevent the spread of HIV.

That’s kind of a big issue for me.

One of the interesting nuggets about this election year is that McCain’s honorable service to this country in uniform is being touted as an advantage, when in the last four elections War vets have gone 0-4. This string of bad luck started I 1992 with George Sr., then befell Dole in 1996 followed by Gore (Yes, he went to Vietnam) and John Kerry. Hell, Dukakis probably lost in 1988 because people mistakenly thought he was an actual soldier when those shots of him in the tank got out.

What do these men have in common? They were losers. (Of elections.)

With Hillary’s rousing speech resonating in my thinblooded heart, I really won’t feel any better about Obama’s chances until I talk to my Mom: a proud Hillraiser. Or, as Hillary said, a member of “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Suit”.

It’s all very interesting.

Positively Yours,