I’ve always regarded public radio as a vital source of journalism, but since the 2016 election I must admit that it has become even more essential to me.

Being a native New Yorker, I have a longtime connection with WNYC, one of the flagship public radio stations in the region. I listen to its programming every day.

One of the outstanding programs on WNYC is the eponymously titled The Brian Lehrer Show. Brian interviews guests from all over and from all viewpoints.

As a call-in show, I sometimes cringe when I hear opinions I don’t agree with, but I’m always glad that I heard them. Brian dives deep into topics others often ignore.

So it was an honor for me to be a guest on his show to discuss the latest HIV news, including the 2nd person in long-term HIV remission, proposed federal health care cuts, PrEP and U=U.

Listen to the full interview below:

And thanks to WNYC for the tweets:

In April, POZ marks its 25th anniversary. An additional thanks to Brian for acknowledging our quarter century of service to the HIV community.