The co-discoverer of HIV is locked in some legal wrangling over a potential cure for HIV, one that uses “a process that would pinpoint illnesses by their electromagnetic signature and potentially block or neutralize them with an opposing signal...”

You can read the rest of the story here.

There are two scientists involved- Luc Montagnier and Bruno Robert- and there can only be one winner in this case: me!   Once it goes to court, I’m going to immediately contact the loser, who will be feeling pretty desperate.  In a lab room in an undisclosed location, I’ll get that electromagnetic shock therapy...

“More!”  “More!”  “More!”

That’s how I’ll get my superpowers!  Not only will I be cured of HIV, I’ll be pissing lightening bolts.  If I go this route, I might not even need a gang for back-up.  

Positively Yours,

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