RoadMap.jpgRemember that report I promised you about a month ago--the one where we tell you about progress made by activists in our efforts to speed up cure research? Well it’s hot off the press and ready to be put to good use. Visit’t going anywhere.

Gumption: There is a small, but growing number of science-savvy activists who have been haranguing the friendliest AIDS researchers to help us figure out where things are stuck, so we’ve definitely got the energy. when it comes time to shake things up a little bit--if the government or a pharmaceutical company doesn’t behave properly for instance--I may be turning to you for help in writing letters or making phone calls and the like. We’ll also want your feedback and as our agenda gets fleshed out we’ll be asking you to help us prioritize things.

Vehicle: We’re also working with the International AIDS Society and other leaders to get us the vehicle; the meetings, conferences and other avenues to pursue our goals. 

Gasoline: Now we’ve got to figure out how to get the gasoline, or in this case the cash, to get this whole enterprise moving down the road. Stay tuned, there will be more about that in future blog posts. It’s likely to take some seriously lobbying to empty government, industry and private foundation purse strings. There are so many competing interests and our economy is still teetering. That said, as ACT UP’s 25th anniversary on April 25 should remind us, we really can move mountains when we need to.