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The Shocking Bullying of a POZ 100 Youth Honoree--and His Response

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Sarah Bjorn

Lisa and Dakota please continue to have Faith in Our Heavenly Father. We as a society need to educate people about HIV. Dakota I listen to your music on YouTube every day. You are very talented young man, and I believe that God has something very special planned for you. Ever since you were a child you loved to write music; you are blessed. Please don't let the bullying effect you mentally. I know how hard it is.

December 12, 2015


Thank you Dakota for your story, for hanging in there and keeping yourself going. I also thank your family for being there with you to love and support you through this. My hope and wish is that you can have good positive parts of your life back. Realize that everything you happened to endure takes nothing away from all of the amazing talent that you have--and that you can and will change this world for yourself and others in ways you never imagined.

November 27, 2014


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