I’m in a holiday frenzy. Just ordered Gwenn some Victoria’s Secret pajamas for Christmas. Ordered them online as she peered over my shoulder, guiding me through their ridiculous site.

I thought the ones she wanted were out of stock. I went through every section, and no pink skull-print pajamas to be found. What I didn’t know was that you had to click on the flannel pair, and then go through a bunch of designs to find the skully ones.

And just last week, Gwenn checked email and a notification came in two days after I ordered her big surprise gift. Online holiday shopping blows.

I guess Gwenn got her holiday surprise today, when I finally got my lab results back.

She was expecting a spike in my viral load, or decline in t-cells. I have been a bit sluggish lately, but I know it’s just my natural recharging of the batteries, always happens after a grueling schedule. Still, the recent cold/cough didn’t exactly encourage her.

Well, the CD4 (T Cell) count is 480, up from 360 at last check in September. And the percentage went up to, from 23 to 25, which means I’ve got healthy T Cells. The viral load checked in at less than 50 copies, which is great news. It’s been less than 50 or undetectable in previous tests.

So, spoiler emails and asinine website layouts aside, Gwenn probably got the best holiday surprise she could have hoped for.

Positively Yours,