For those of us on anti-HIV meds: we all know how important it is to keep taking them on time and regularly.

Prior to iStayHealthy I used alarms/watches to remind myself. With the app iStayHealthy it’s a lot easier. Choose alerts, select your pills, record your results - all in one tool. 

So far so good. But what if you set the alert, even click ok when the ’Alert’ fires off - and then forget to take your pills. This may be more common than you think. Imagine you’re in a theatre show, in cinema or at a party with friends. It’s easy to ignore the alert. 

A few users wondered, whether there can be a way to ensure that a.) you get a reminder to take your meds and b.) to tick it off when you take them. Like a follow-up. If you don’t: the event gets automatically stored as a ’missed’ dose.

It’s a feature I have been thinking about a lot recently - and I think it would make a valuable addition to iStayHealthy. It would also make the current feature of recording ’missed doses’ a bit more intuitive.