No Mob Veto adOn Friday, the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty ran a full page ad in The New York Times accusing those who protested against the Prop 8 result -- gay and lesbian Americans -- of mob violence. Both HRC and GLAAD issued press releases asking us to respond by sending letters to the Times. Yawn.

I’ve got a better idea. HRC has been taking a beating lately in the gay press and blogoshere for ineffectively fighting prop 8, and for staring at its toes while the gay masses rallied like never before after our temporary election day defeat. They remind me of that scene in MILK, where the gay bigwigs (the owner of The Advocate and his boyfriend) try to join the post-Prop 6 celebration in Milk’s Castro Street shop, and no one lets them in -- a very “sorry guys, we don’t need you anymore” moment.

Well, here’s an easy way for HRC to buy its way into our party. Why not run a counter-ad? Let’s face it, very few groups have the bucks to talk for us in the Times. HRC does.

The very fact that the Mormon leadership and their new-found friends (Catholic and evangelical leaders) felt the need to respond so publicly to our remarkable outpouring this past month is a huge victory for us. They helped keep this story alive. We should respond in kind.

HRC, defend us.