After years of battle, AIDS activists can claim a huge victory today for people living with HIV/AIDS in New York City. Mayor Bill de Blasio announced in his budget speech yesterday that he had struck a deal with NY Governor Cuomo to finally implement a 30% rent cap for the city’s HIV/AIDS clients of supported housing:

“Working with the governor, I’m proud to say we’re taking a big step forward to cap the rent contribution for HIV and AIDS clients of supported housing, folks with HIV and AIDS, who are struggling as it is and need some stability in their lives. I’ve believed in this 30 percent rent cap for a long time. The city will pay approximately two-thirds of this cost, something Mayor Bloomberg was unwilling to do, but I think is necessary. And Governor Cuomo and I have discussed this matter, and we’re working on a final agreement for the state to join us in this effort.”
From VOCAL New York’s Jeremy Saunders: “We still have to make sure no road blocks arise, but today looks like the end of an 8-year fight for 10,000 people living with AIDS fighting for their homes, and their survival.”
A big congrats to all the activists that have worked on this recently, and over the many years. In addition, this is a great sign that De Blasio is going to be a strong advocate for the AIDS community.