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I Am Uninsured

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Thank you for sharing the specifics of your insurance situation. This country is so screwed up when it comes to this issue, it's scary. Was the state of Virginia paying the insurance premiums before the insurance company dumped you? Just wondering what you meant about them financially raping Virginia. Congratulations on the Medicaid.

February 21, 2011


I too have hemophilia and thank god that the UK government has not yet managed to dismantle our free national health service (when I say free it is really paid for by all of us - those who need it and those who dont). There are many in this country, mostly able bodied "citizens", who would like to copy the American model of private health care. I strongly oppose this and furthermore believe that private health care should be banned since here they cream off the low risk business and make sure that the wealthy get better and faster care than the poor. Of course politicians generally fall into the wealthy category so it is always a risk area. As for insurance companies...dont get me started as in my mind they are battling the bankers for their place as the most uncaring organisations in the world Here we are appalled how so many people in the US have tried to derail your president's plans for healthcare reform.

February 20, 2011

Bobby Spencer

I would suggest filing a complaint with your state insurance commisioner's office, based on their initial screwup with your father's policy, as well as the cancellation of the individual one. Make a call to your local media as well, if they have a "troubleshooter" type that publicizes things like this. It's amazing what the HINT of a little bad publicity will do to an insurance company. Sadly, I think you missed the protection under the new health care law by a few weeks, but check with your local congressional representative to see for sure. Good luck to you!

February 20, 2011


This insurance situation is ridiculous and horrible and ought to be criminal. I am so sorry Shawn. I hope the high risk pool or some other plan can be gotten to cover you. In this day and age, I worry about anyone who doesn't have insurance. p.s. I recently checked your book out of our local public library and enjoyed it. Thank you for writing it and sharing so much of your and Gwenn's life!!

February 19, 2011

Jeffrey Pillow

I was hoping you were playing on the the title "I Am Uninsured" in an ironic way but I'm sorry to read you aren't. Here's hoping you find the coverage you need and rightly deserve -- along with the millions of other Americans in similar situations such as yourself (pre-existing conditions). After a six-month window without coverage, you should be eligible for assistance under PPACA. Just go to and click on the link that says, "insurance and coverage finder" under the header "State High Risk Pool Programs." VA is one of the states. Not trying to sound like a nerd or anything but I work in health care at my day job (in the communications department), so I see this type of text regarding the new health care reform law all the time and have to script some of the language myself for communications piece and our websites. Take care Shawn.

February 18, 2011


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