Apparently I jumped the gun on claiming victory crouch over my cough/cold.  Just as Facebook had posted my blog entry as a Note (a couple days after I posted the celebratory “All Better Now”), the cough was back.  I could feel the whole thing starting over again at 7 pm sharp on Wednesday... this time, it seems to be hitting harder than it had in the previous two weeks.

It’s not anything for anyone reading this to be concerned about. I’m not dying.  I’m not whining.  Well, maybe I am.  Because it’s just annoying.  I’m a very patient sick boy, because I’ve had a lifetime’s experience to fall back on.  I’m okay with feeling under the weather for two weeks when the latest flavor of week rolls through town in the form of the sniffles or whatever.  Everyone gets these things, it just takes me long to get over them because my immune system is compromised.  I lead a life that allows me to kick back and relax- so I guess I need to do that.

I’ve called off all weekend plans to do so. Which included The Thing.  You may remember two weeks ago, my goal was to be well enough to go see this movie with friends.  Well that’s tonight and I fell short... my own thing wasn’t done with me, I guess.  It happens.  I enjoy such long stretches of feeling fine these days that it makes these little bouts stick out more when they happen.  Over the last two decades plus of being HIV positive, I’ve been hit with a lot of sick days, weeks and months even- I honestly think I’ve blocked out many of them.

Now the main thing to remember is... just be patient.

Positively Yours,