The SERO Project--the non-profit organization I’ve started to combat HIV-related stigma, discrimination and criminalization--has undertaken a survey of people with or affected by HIV toward criminalization of HIV non-disclosure, potential exposure or transmission. 

The principal investigator is Laurel Sprague, at Eastern Michigan University.  Laurel is a woman with HIV who is also the North American regional coordinator of the Global Network of People Living With HIV (GNP+).  She’s also a great advocate, a good friend and has put a tremendous amount of work into creating this survey. 

It is important that we get a large enough response to have statistically meaningful numbers of key populations who are so often unheard, like women, transpersons, people who use drugs, migrants, sex workers and those engaged in survival sex, as well as everyone else, both those with HIV and those without.

Can you take a few minutes to complete the survey?  We hope to release preliminary results at the Int’l AIDS Conference in Washington next month.  The results will be posted at, or you can sign up for the SERO Project’s e-newsletter and we’ll send them to you.

This is a chance for all of our voices to be heard and an important opportunity to shape advocacy strategies and policy.  Please, before you go back to your Facebook page or email or whatever else you are doing, take a moment right now and complete this survey

Many policy leaders and advocates are starting to understand the importance of addressing HIV criminalization; it is vital that the voices and opinions of those of us with HIV, our friends, families and co-workers are heard. 

Thank you.