I had a good run last year, and into 2011, on not getting the crud that’s been going around.  It seems like everyone I know has been sick with a cough, temperature, or sinus infections.... well, my run of good fortune ended on Tuesday night...

And the timing really sucks.

I woke up Wednesday with a slight temperature of 100 degrees. I must have coughed myself awake ten times.  Putting my tail between my legs, I canceled on a book club meeting I was supposed to go to that evening. I guess one of the dangers of having an author with HIV is that they do have a compromised immune system.  When I called the host of the book club meeting, and left a voicemail, I had to end it with, “Oh! But tell the book club that I’m actually pretty healthy these days! My t-cells are pretty high! I’ll be there next month, for sure!”

So instead of going, I ate chicken noodle soup and watched some wrestling I had backlogged on TiVo.  Then I texted my pool league teammates and let them know I wouldn’t be available for a tournament this weekend, because I know how these types of illnesses go.  What sucks most, is that I have three days to get better, because I have a big trip coming up next week.  So if I’m not blogging, just know that I’ll blog again and that I’m taking a little r&r time to beat this bug.

Positively Yours,

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