I disappeared from the blog for a few days for a much-needed writing excursion, spending four days away from home and focusing on fixing the project I shall never blog about because I care about having readers of the blog. 

(Hint- the project is the second book that, yes, I’ve said I’ve finished several times already.)

But that’s boring.

What’s interesting about today is that I’m in the Washington Post!  Thanks to the AIDS Walk DC folks, who awarded me with their annual Courage Award, which goes to someone living with HIV.  I’m honored to represent the positoids this year, and promise not to make a huge ass of myself at the AIDS Walk.

To read the Post article, entitled “HIV-Positive Blogger Aims To Inspire and Spread Hope”, go hereWashington Post Article.  It’s not every day when a lazy blogger can sit back and let the Post do their heavy lifting!

Positively Yours,


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