I spoke with Jeffrey Pillow of the Nervous Breakdown site about the tour, here’s a little of the Q&A, click here to read the entire discussion.

JWP: What makes this tour so significant -- other than living the dream of a rock ’n roll tour with fellow friends Bella Morte?

STD: Bella Morte have been such an influence. When I moved to Charlottesville from my hometown of Waynesboro in 1998, I really wanted to pursue my music. They booked my first show in which I’d be singing live.

JWP: Any butterflies in the ole stomach?

STD: Ha, yeah. I was nervous as hell, but had been pouring out intimate details about living with HIV for a few years, so I used that as foundation on which to build up the courage to get on stage. 

For quite a few years there’s been an open invitation to go on tour with them. It just happened that this was the right moment and time for me to take them up on the offer. I love the guys in Bella Morte. They are an incredible band and just good people.

Also, for this tour, one of my best friends that I’ve known since high school, Josh D’Elia, is playing these shows with me as a member of Synthetic Division. The whole thing is just awesome. I’m surrounded by friends, playing shows and giving out free condoms along the way.

photo by Michael Bx

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