An interview with Andy Deane, author of the horror book, The Sticks.

stickscover.gifShawn - Is there one movie in particular that inspired your decision to write the werewolf book, The Sticks?

Andy - If you dig deep enough into my past you’ll find a kid with a blanket covering half his face watching The Howling on a small TV in the living room. There’s a great scene where Eddie (the werewolf) says to Karen, “I’m gonna give you a piece of my mind.” Scared the living hell out of me.  It’s amazing to think that An American Werewolf in London came out that same year.

Maybe The Sticks will usher in another golden age for lycanthropes?  You’re a Virginia-grown boy like me.  Have you ever mistaken a really hairy, shirtless hillbilly for a werewolf?

Yeah, and I thought the guy was gonna kill me after the doctor got the silver bullet out of his chest. That was an awful day.

If a werewolf ate someone with AIDS, would the werewolf survive the attack?

He would, but the rest of the night he’d be tossing and turning with indigestion and heartburn, followed by a lengthy struggle with the runs. Luckily, recent tests have shown that prednisone is very effective on monsters as well as humans.

How’s the body count in The Sticks?

High, as it should be.
Andy_Deane_The_Sticks.jpgYou can read more about Andy Deane’s obsession with horror in his interview with Fangoria. On Monday night at 9:30 EST, he’ll be on The Haunt for a live online chat.

 Andy Deane’s debut book, The Sticks, is published by Delirium Books.  Click here to hunt down a copy for yourself.  Andy is the lead singer of Bella Morte, and is going on tour with the band starting on Wednesday.

Hear their music and check on tour dates. See him rock it in a music video.

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