In response to an earlier blog post (Possible Cure For Hep C?,) I received a comment this morning from a reader who identified himself as “”. If he or she is correct, then it seems that once again, Big Pharma is holding back. I repost it here in its entirety:

"A new drug combination (Gilead Sciences ’GS-7977’ + Bristol-Myers’
’Daclatasvir’) has 100% cure rate in genotype 1 patients and 91% in genotypes 2 & 3 without the utilization of Interferon or Ribavirin.

But due to some minor setbacks, Gilead Sciences elected not to take these drugs into Phase III trials.  Hence, this petition is requesting them to continue their research to Phase III. Then the new drugs can be approved by FDA and can be released into the market! Please sign this petition.

“Quoting from ETAG:  ”The most effective new therapy for hepatitis C -- two pills that could cure nearly every patient treated -- may never see the light of day because the developers of these new medicines, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Gilead Sciences, seem unable to work together.

Apparently, profits are more important than best patient care. Best therapy combines Bristol’s daclatasvir with Gilead’s GS-7977. Each is a single pill administered once a day. The results from this new therapy are nothing short of spectacular -- an early cure rate of 100% for genotype 1 patients and 91% of genotype 2/3 patients, according to data from a mid-stage study announced Thursday at the European Association for the Study of Liver Disease (EASL) meeting. Amazingly, this most promising new treatment for hepatitis C patients may actually be discontinued because Bristol and Gilead can’t work together. Gilead needs to justify that $11 billion and deliver profits and returns to its shareholders. Collaborating with Bristol would more than likely dilute Gilead’s Hep C profits, which helps explain why Gilead isn’t exactly thrilled to push ahead. Hep C patients in need of convenient and potent new cures are being hurt.“ Please sign this petition to urge Gilead to work with Bristol-Myers Squibb on this drug combination for the benefit of those suffering with hepatitis C.”

Please sign the petition:

The links didn’t work when I clicked on them, but whether the petition appears at or elsewhere isn’t important: If we all share this on Facebook it will serve just as well. We cannot afford to be passive!