The upgrade to iStayHealthy 3.2.1 for iPhone went live on 16 Oct. Since then, I had reports that users still experience problems with the app. 
The problems look like this:
  • the app starts, refreshes the data. But then the data charts or results seem to disappear. (Incidentally, the charts “reappear” after restart of phone or app at a later stage)
  • the app takes a long time to start up after upgrade - then crashes.
The problem is still around the synchronising between iStayHealthy and iCloud. After an upgrade, this synchronising process takes a bit longer. This is expected. However, the charts and results tables should be refreshed properly after the sync is finished.

I am truly sorry for the problems and inconvenience this has caused to all of you, who experience this problem. And I promise to continue working on a solution.