After seven years, I have decided to discontinue support for iStayHealthy. The Android version has already been pulled from Google Play - and the iOS version will follow on or about March 1, 2018. Pulling the app from the store means no one will be able to download and install the app after this date.

For those who have the app installed on their device, nothing will change. You will be able to continue to use the app as long as it keeps working on the device. But there won’t be any further updates/upgrades.

Your data will remain safely on your device. For those using Dropbox as a backup mechanism you will still be able to get the data from Dropbox.

I am considering a follow-up app. But it would need a broader focus on monitoring health than iStayHealthy provided. Plus, I would need to build my own backend support - without it it’s just not worth it (iStayHealthy used Dropbox).

Thank you to all for your support over the years.