I have been talking on Twitter, Facebook and other media about the new Android version of iStayHealthy. It’s taken me longer than I first thought. But then there will be a number of changes to the app - foremost a different look and feel.

I want users to look at charts for more than just CD4/Viral loads. So I am adding a scrollable viewer to be able to browse all charts, e.g. weight, cholesterol - but of course also CD4/VL.
The results part of the app will also change: you’d be able to select the type of results you want listed. You will also be able to add more (weight, cardiac risk...)

To give you a glimpse of what it is likely to look like, here are a screenshot for the new charts layout. Hope you’ll like it. Beware, this is still work in progress - I plan to release the new version towards end of April