Finished the Release Candidate for the new iPhone/iPad version of iStayHealthy - after ironing out the last couple of wrinkles.

I had to cut down some of the features I planned for the new version. But more about that later. Version 3.0 will have the following

  • Password enabled: users can set a passcode to protect the app from being used by people other than themselves. This was the number one on people’s wish list
  • The ’Other Med’ tab has been completely reworked. It now contains
    • Other Med - as before, this records any supplementary medication users want to record. Whereas before users could only specify [mg] unit as dose, they now can choose between [g], [mg], [ml].
    • Illness/Surgery: users can now record any other illnesses or infections as well as any surgeries/procedures.
    • Clinics: allows users to enter their basic clinic details. In particular their clinic ID, contact number/web-site/e-mail. Users can contact the clinic directly from the app
  • HIV Drugs tab: some changes
    • In addition to recording any missed medication, users can also record any side effects they encounter with their HIV medication.
    • the HIV tab has been slightly changed: instead of listing each individual missed medication (or side effect) it simply shows the number of recorded missed/side effects. 
  • Results
    • Viral Load for Hepatitis C co-infections can be recorded. 
  • Overall changes to the User Interface
  • Bug Fix: some of the selected HIV drugs didn’t show their images in the summary HIV tab. This has now been rectified.