I blogged about the It Gets Better campaign last week in regard to the bullying of the teenage LGBT community and the recent, tragic suicides linked to institutionalized bullying.  My friend, Erin Weed*, posted a great blog entry on how we all can do better than telling teenagers to “wait it out” and suffer.

You can read her thoughts on It Gets Better below:

erin-and-shawn.jpg“Telling kids ”it gets better“ is a kind and soothing thing to say. But it isn’t addressing the depth of despair these young people are faced with. From what I’ve seen in the schools, it’s almost insulting. Bullying, regardless of why the individual is being targeted, is a form of violence. Would we tell a person in a violent relationship that it gets better? Then send her home to her abuser with no intervention, education or proactive strategy to help her survive? Probably not.” -
 Read the entire blog entry HERE
*Erin Weed is a women’s self defense instructor who could beat the shit out of any high school bully if she wanted to. (she probably wants to.)

I agree with Erin that the time for turning a blind eye on bullying simply based on someone’s sexual (or perceived, in many cases) orientation has passed.  It’s that mentality that allows legislators to pass discriminatory laws in adulthood.  If we allow these bigots free passage in their youth, then what’s to stop them from continuing their hateful actions beyond junior high and high school?

I thought of a funny idea to post an “It Gets Worse” message to the youth who are bullying, but the guy below beat me to the punch.  Sadly, his hilarious video was pulled from YouTube, as it was wrongly considered “hate speech” when it is obviously satire with a message that falls right in line with the It Gets Better campaign... So, this one goes out to all you bullies.  This is a glimpse into your future.  Either cut out the mean-spirited bullshit, or come to terms with the fact that your pitiful lives of entitlement and the mirage of moral high ground is going to catch up to you someday.


Positively Yours,

PS... on Wednesday- tomorrow -, people are encouraged to wear purple in remembrance of those lost to suicide as a result of being bullied.

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