Yesterday, I blogged about the Prop 8 demo in New York City Wednesday night, and while praising the action, I still yearned for more of the energy and creativity of the ACT UP days. Andrew Sullivan aptly summarized my post with his own titled Act-Up Returns, followed by “all we need now are better graphics.”

I wasn’t crazy about the “God Loves Gay Marriage” banner. It’s our love that should be the focus in this debate, not what we think the almighty is blessing these days. Remember, we’re in this mess mostly because of what others think God wants or doesn’t want. [Full disclosure: I’m a proud atheist.]

Well, ask and you shall receive. Andy Towle reports this morning that Shepard Fairey, the graphic designer who created the iconic Obama “HOPE” posters found on almost every college dormroom wall, has used his considerable talents to help spruce up our upcoming Prop 8 demos. “Thanks to the donations of two print sources, posters will be donated for the rally this Saturday at City Hall.”

I love it...

Defend Equality, Love Unites, by Shepard Fairey