Everyone thought I was kidding with the whole Swatchmen thing. That the idea of starting a gang the day after they discover a cure for hemophilia was merely another flight of fancy on a blog that’s been plagued by flights of fancy- or, even better- fantasy.

Well, I’m just planning for my future, that’s all. And when self defense speaker Erin Weed was presenting life-saving tips at a nearby college, I traveled to present her with an opportunity to be the first to join the Swatchmen...


Innocently enough, I pose with my friend. No agenda, just friends catching up... her guard down, I casually mention the Swatchmen thing, and laughingly ask if she’d join up.

“Sure, sounds fun!” She said. Then I asked if she’d shake on it.


At first Erin looked worried. Then, as I started to explain all of the asses that have gone unkicked in my life due to the physical risks of taking the low road, she began to understand. See, people think I’m a nice guy for being level-headed, but there’s a warrior inside... yearning for combat.  And, once I’m cured of hemophilia, that warrior will be turned loose on an unsuspecting world!

Positively Yours,



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