If you are a woman or person of trans experience living with HIV, you don’t want to miss SPEAK UP! 2018, the ONLY national leadership summit by and for women living with HIV.And you have less than a week left to take advantage of the special early bird registration discount, which ends January 31. Hold your spot today!

R.O. Institute group shot

R.O. Institute group shot

Organizations and agencies sponsoring 5 or more women living with HIV to attend SPEAK UP! 2018 will get a special discounted group rate--and you’ll save even more by registering your group before January 31. (Participant names and info can be turned in after Jan. 31; act now to lock in savings.)

Whether you have never participated in advocacy before or are a seasoned advocate; whether your HIV status is public or secret; SPEAK UP! 2018 is your opportunity to learn more about the issues facing women living with HIV in the U.S. today, get the information and skills you need to make a difference, and join a community of hundreds of other women living with HIV from across the U.S. and Canada.

But don’t take our word for it. Just ask folks who have participated in past SPEAK UP! Summits.

Alicia Diggs

Alicia Diggs

"I attended PWN’s Speak Up! 2016 as a first-timer and was in awe of being surrounded by so many women whom I could talk to, laugh with, cry with, support and love on who were just like me,“ said Alicia Diggs of North Carolina. ”I went there on fire in spite of dealing with a death in my family the same week of the Summit, and even during that time, my sisters embraced and supported me. I am extremely excited about Speak Up! 2018, because not only will I get to see so many of the ladies I had not seen since the last Summit, but we all will welcome new women who will be attending this summit for the first time. Since the 2016 Summit, we have lost some of our sisters and we have gained new sisters, but through it all, we will celebrate one another in solidarity!"

Olga Irwin

Olga Irwin

“When I attended my first Summit, I was shocked there were 250 women who wanted to be advocates. Some these women I consider legends in the field and was totally awestruck and thought I could never be in same class as them,” said Olga Irwin of Ohio. “PWN-USA staff and other members have given me a chance to become something and do something I love but never thought I would be able to. I was taught and am still getting training in all forms of communications and am learning about policies. I’m very interested in politics now, which I did not even understand before. I’ve learned employment skills, was shown how to write a bio and a resume, complete scholarship applications and submit abstracts. This all has led to me achieving things I never thought I would.”

"What would I tell another woman diagnosed with HIV about the PWN Speak Up Summit? I would tell her that it was the most refreshing, vivid and comforting conference and will give her hope in so many ways," said Davina Conner of Colorado. “It will help in so many ways by allowing her to find her place and who she is. It will lift up her spirits and make her cry, but her cries will be of joy knowing that she is not alone in this fight. I would tell her she will find sister love among so many other women who care so much about her. The weight on her shoulders will be gone because she will know that she has found sisterhood with many other women going through the same thing. Hopefully it will get rid of her self-stigma as she walks around and looks at all the thriving women showing her that she can live a great, healthy, happy, vibrant life with HIV.”


If you register and complete your registration payment on or before January 31, you will qualify for the early bird rate ($200). As of February 1, the rate will increase to $250. The registration fee includes shared accommodations, meals and snacks throughout the Summit and all training materials. It does not include travel, room service or other incidental expenses.

Need to do some fundraising to complete your registration payment or to fund your travel to the Summit? We have tips for you here.

Already registered with a deposit and want to finish paying before the end of early-bird? Complete your payment here.

Questions? You may find your answers here on our FAQs. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, contact pwnsummit@gmail.com or call our office at 510.698.3811.

We can’t wait to see you in April in Myrtle Beach, SC!

In sisterhood and solidarity,