The March 2014 issue of POZ magazine is online.

Here’s an excerpt from my editor’s letter:

I believe being a role model should not mean anything more (or less) than being an example for others, more often than not ...

The women on our cover are wonderful role models. They’ve overcome HIV and many other painful obstacles. Click here to read how they grew the HIV intervention Common Threads into a microenterprise.

Taking control of your wallet is important for your financial health, but taking control of your body is important for your general health. To that end, condoms can be just as important as diet, exercise and moderation.

Nevertheless, the condom conundrum cannot be ignored. Condom use remains about 50 percent for men who have sex with men, and about 30 percent for straight men. Many men like them, but many just do not.

The answer? Make a better condom, of course. There are numerous hurdles, but researchers and entrepreneurs are taking up the challenge to build better barriers for both men and women--and all types of sex. Click here to read about the new search to improve an old prevention tool.

To read my complete letter from the editor, click here.