So far iStayHealthy has been focused on HIV basic results: CD4 count, CD4 % and Viral Load.

However, people living with HIV sometimes have a range of co-infections and medical issues. A hot topic at the moment is Hepatitis C. But there are others. E.g. how to keep track of your cardiac (heart) health; are you running a risk of being diabetic ... and others.

Most of this gets checked per default when we have our regular check-ups. Of course, tracking all possible blood and other results would go beyond a single mobile app. But here are a few values that make sense tracking (on top of standard HIV values):

  • blood fat (lipids), sugar, cholesterol
  • blood pressure, heart rate
  • body weight/height, age, sex
  • smoker/non-smoker?
The results can be nicely summarised in a risk assessment, e.g. based on the Framingham index for cardiovascular disease. A simple chart, to see how our risk is changing with time. A similar risk assessment can be taken for diabetes.