A couple of weeks ago, New York state legalized gay marriage... here’s my belated congratulations to humanity! It’s so twisted, but whenever I hear good news like that I never get too excited, because I feel like the system is set up so that it could be struck down at anytime. The Supreme Court could Rickroll us all during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, singing Rick Astley’s famous tune, while adding a verse about how they’ve just made gay marriage illegal on a federal level.

Part of me wants to spend the next ten years in a garage inventing a time machine, so I can slip into it only to emerge to live out my final years in a society that isn’t caught up on things like gay marriage.  Or maybe, just maybe, that future is closer than I can even allow myself to imagine.  Here’s a video I saw on Huffington Post. Not sure how old it is, but it’s incredibly awesome and says so much about human nature, and why kids’ instincts on an emotional level can often times make more sense than adults.

Positively Yours,