I had a little tally of “sick days” for this year going on the blog in super small font- so small it seems to have disappeared on me.  Oh well, if I knowingly off’d it, then all the better, especially since this year has- thankfully- been good to me healthwise.

Last week I had a few downer days, a sore throat likely caused by the extreme summer heat combined with the extreme summer air conditioning.  The timing of those blah days was made especially annoying because it prevented me from getting to Stephen’s 10-year memorial service.  Poz posted pictures on their Facebook page.  If anyone would understand my absence, it would have been Stephen (or all the familiar faces that were there).  I felt better the day after the gathering, and have felt great ever since.

I don’t want to ever dwell on the sick days, or even be reminded of them with a number/tally.  When they arrive as they have every so often for the last two decades, I usually just chill out... like last week, when I put in a lot of miles on my new xBox, a birthday gift from my friend Andy, the friend who posted that playfully “nasty” rumor about me not having AIDS.  (Thanks Andy, for the laugh and the sweet new gaming system!) Instead of focusing on my sore throat, I just focused on my new game, The Legends of Wrestlemania, where “Rowdy” Roddy Piper has enjoyed the extended World Title reign he never got to have back in the day. 

I think one of my best qualities, and one that is directly related to my longevity, is that I rest easy and I’m an easy sickboy.  And really, I don’t think I could have tallied last week’s blah days as sick days even if the counter were still anchoring this blog, because I was well enough to leave the house at least once a day for an iced mocha.  Which is really the mark of whether or not I’m feeling bad bad, or just blah bad. 

Bad bad is not feeling up for an iced mocha.

And it’s not a skirt, it’s a quilt kilt.  That one is for all you fellow 1980’s wrestling fans. 

roddypiper.jpgPositively Yours,

PS... in my original post I mistakenly wrote the word “quilt” where “kilt” should have been.  It was late, I know the difference, really... though for many years I always wondered why the AIDS Quilt wasn’t plaid. ;O)

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