I got numbers out the wazoo recently, and I’ll start with the ones I teased about a few days ago: lab results.

No, I’m not Maurey Povich’s kid or anything. Just my positoid blood work is in, and everything is the same as it was back in April. My t-cells are 503 (25%) and my viral load is detectable, but less than 50 copies. For the layperson, these are very good numbers for me. I didn’t hear anything about blood sugar levels, which is a good thing.

In the bad section is my pesky cholesterol, which is 239. I’ve relaunched my war on French Fries, and have re-introduced myself to my exercise bike. I’m also going to head up the Children of the Court, the unofficial tennis league with Bella Morte, where Boris Decker vows to bring the title home, and communism to Charlottesville, Virginia. All in the stroke of one tennis racket.

Some other numbers...

I got sales numbers for MPV from Tarcher Penguin, and overall they were less than I expected. I won’t post those actual numbers here, for the same reason I don’t get out the tape measure and get the real stats on Mr. Willy. For fear of both amusing and embarrassing you, my humble readership.

In all honesty, at first I was a little bummed. But then I just thought about how it has been received, and the constant messages I get assure me that the book has a life, it keeps reaching new people every day, and it’s always going to be floating around out there. With each book I write, more people will discover it.

Speaking of... I’ve really been hammering away at the new fiction title. No deadline has been set, which is nice, and I haven’t felt this good about writing in a very long time. The final stretch of MPV was the last time I wrote this much, but it was just so hectic at the end.

Of course, I am beyond thankful for that entire process, which has made a much better writer of me. And, armed with my good lab results, I plan to write many more books, the success of which I will judge soley on the content of the book itself. (And how many MySpace friend requests I get afterwards.)

Positively Yours,

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