Last March and July, I held a “Labtest Contest”, giving readers of this blog a chance to win something cool simply by guessing how many t-cells I have when I get my labs drawn.  Well, it’s that time again, so put on your thinking caps because the prize for the closest guess (see rules below) gets... my AIDS Walk 2010 hat.

Yes, I’m parting ways with this beauty.  For whatever reason, when I wore this the people closest to me didn’t like the guy I became, so it’s time to do what must be done and say goodbye...

Here’s a refresher on the rules (subject to change, just like my t-cells):
Official Rules
1. You have to post your guess (between 400 and 700 t-cells) on my Poz blog Comments section
2. Relatives are disqualified (only because that makes this seem official)
3. Closest guess wins- no Price is Right logic applies.
4. One vote per person.
5. Deadline is Friday, December 17, 2010 at 11:59 EST.

Roll call of champions:
March-July 2010: Charles Oliff (guess: 567 actual count: 565)
July 2010-present: Aimee Lee (guess: 516 actual: 511)

The debut Labtest Contest was fierce last March, and when the dust settled the ultimate winner was Charles Oliff.  The graceful champion looked to defend his title in July, but recent fatherhood presented a distraction and up-and-coming challenger, Aimee, took advantage. Can she be the first to defend?  Will Charles return to form?  Or will you shock the world and claim the most coveted title in all of HIV lab work and that sweet, sweet hat?

I can’t guess because I already got the results.  No clues, sorry!

Positively Yours,



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