I’m not flashing a gang symbol for my HIV positive group of surly thugs, The Tainted Bloods, I’m actually showing you my latest t-cell count: yup, 511 t-cells! Woo hoo!  While technically it’s a lower number than last posted (570-something) four months ago, it’s basically the same since t-cells fluctuate.

I’ll take it.  Especially since I was expecting the number to dip into the 400’s, due to my feelings of exhaustion and general malaise as of late.

But the count is only half the story here.  The headline to this blog post is that the great Charles Oliff has been dethroned.  As suspected, starting a family distracted the champ, and there was a challenger waiting in the wings for a moment of glory... and that challenger-turned-champ is none other than Aimee Lee, who guessed 515 (“My guess is 515. (But secretly I hope its 700!!!” she wrote), missing the count by four little t-birds. 

Not too shabby!  Aimee, congratulations.  Your winning prizes of the Lauren Hoffman CD and the Synthetic Division CD will be mailed next week.  Hope you enjoy them, and be on the lookout for the next Labtest Contest in November and the chance to make history by defending the title.

Okay, this is my first blog entry as a 35 year-old.  Thanks to everyone on Facebook for the birthday wishes. Thanks to life for continuing, and thanks to Gwenn for taking care of me and giving my little t-cells the extra boost they need to keep fighting the good fight inside my body.

Positively Yours,


PS... check out my fellow Tainted Blood gang member, Sean Strub, and his blog post on how a side effect of one of his HIV medication contributed to a broken ankle. Mend well, Sean!

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