Yesterday I went in for my doctor’s appointment- Dr. Greg was amused when I told him about my Labtest Contest. “Relatives are not allowed to vote, but it says nothing about my physicians...” When I explained the free drink up to a $5 value his interest was piqued. I’m not sure what the young resident thought of all of this, though the resident did politely ask me about my week on/week off meds taking.

I go to a teaching hospital- UVa- so I enjoy explaining my medical and medicinal history to the younger folks.  And, speaking of younger folks, today I am enjoying my last day as a 35-year old on this current plain we inhabit and call life.  Yup, tomorrow I’m officially 36, over the hump of my 30s and staring down my 40s.  A lot of my peers dread this particular moment, but I love getting older.

So yesterday they drew labs. Gotta wait until next week for the results. That’s why I’ve extended voting in the Labtest Contest until 11:59 pm EST on Monday, July 18, 2011. Good luck!

Positively Yours,