It’s that time again- time to guess my t-cell count for the chance to win a fabulous prize! So what is the prize this time around?  Well, it’s something I’ve been working very hard on this year- it’s the new Synthetic Division album, Numb to the Numbers!  I’m celebrating 25 years of being diagnosed with HIV. It’s about being thankful for being here and enjoying my fourth decade (end of 80s, entire 90s and 00s, and now the ’10s) with my pet virus. The CD is officially out on July 5, and we’ll be playing a CD Release Show is Charlottesville followed by another show in DC on Friday, July 6 at the Velvet Lounge.

On Monday I’ll announce the winner of this contest and also post information on how to pre-order the CD for anyone else who is interested. Here’s the album’s cover art, created by bandmate Josh D’Elia.

So take a guess for a chance to win! Post your guess on my Poz blog- see the official rules below. Good luck!

Positively Yours,

CURRENT CHAMPION: Bob Geise (guess: 595 actual count: 590)

Previous Champions...
March-July 2010: Charles Oliff (guess: 567 actual count: 565)
July-December 2010: Aimee Lee (guess: 516 actual: 511)
December 2010- March 2011: “Satan” (guess: 666 actual: 662)
March-July 2011:
Sharon Paul (guess:
520 actual: 508)
August-January 2012:
Justin Starkenburg (guess: 570 actual count: 579)

Official Rules
1. You have to post your guess (between 400 and 700 t-cells) on my Poz blog Comments section
2. Relatives are allowed to guess!
3. Closest guess wins- no Price is Right logic applies.
4. One vote/guess per person.
5. Deadline is Sunday, June 10, 2012 11:59 pm EST