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Larry Kramer Has a Few (Kind!) Words for a Billionaire Trump Supporter

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I will be voting for Trump,not my first choice.But I can not vote Democrat anymore. Obama took my healthcare away ,even though he promised not too. With HIV I have no healthcare, ii have to pay for all my own (that I can afford). Big pharma is supplying with meds thank God ,because my Id enrolled me in a study group. I can t not afford 14000$ dollars a year for a medical plan that does cover anything under obamacare!

September 29, 2016


Larry,i am a 61yr old gbm,too see blacks support him,as he attacks other minorities,too see gays support a conversion therapy vice president,i know what the problem is,black and gay leaders fought for their rights in the60's,70's,80's,&90's,if you lived through segregation,the anti-gay hysteria of the 80's,Mr falwell said we should be put in camps,a lot of them are too young,can't people see how bad they want the supreme court,what will happen to h.i.v. funding,not to mention equality for all.

August 12, 2016 tulsa


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